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We're excited to hear from you! Whether you have a question about our services, pricing, need a demo, or anything else, our team is ready to answer all your questions. Your insights, inquiries, or suggestions could lead us to the next big innovation in payment solutions. Reach out to us today - together, we can pave the way for seamless, efficient, and secure financial transactions. Input your details below, and let's start a conversation that could transform your business. We're just a message away!

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Streamlining Payment Processing, Accounting, Marketing, and More

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Let's Get in Touch!

We're excited to hear from you! Whether you have a question about our services, pricing, need a demo, or anything else, our team is ready to answer all your questions. Input your details below, and let's start a conversation that could transform your business. We're just a message away!


Features & Solutions

Empower Your Business With Our Tailored Solutions


Virtual Terminal

Easily and securely handle transactions from any computer. Perfect for e-commerce and telemarketing businesses, as well as those in need of effortless recurring billing.


Optec Payments Gateway

Discover our expertise in providing tailored payment solutions for SaaS companies and developers. Experience the convenience of our seamless and secure gateway services, designed exclusively for your needs. Seamlessly integrate payment processing into your software and elevate your user experience to new heights.


Mobile Payments

We enable you to accept payments on the go directly from your mobile device, making it an ideal solution for businesses without a fixed location. Ask about our new lite application.


Full POS Integration

For those who qualify, we offer POS for free! POS systems simplify inventory management and payment processing, making it easier than ever to run your business. 


Business to Business

At Optec Payments, we excel in providing customized processing solutions designed specifically for business-to-business transactions. Our unique approach guarantees that you will benefit from the most competitive rates available, ultimately maximizing your profitability and streamlining your payments technology process.


Payment Terminals

Improve the security of your transactions with our state-of-the-art Dejavoo and Valor terminals. Experience the power of advanced data capturing capabilities and unlock a world of more robust offerings for efficient inventory management and beyond.


QuickBooks Plugin

Streamline your accounting process with our seamless integration with QuickBooks and innovative automatic invoicing tools. Eliminate the guesswork from your bookkeeping and effortlessly capture essential data.


1. Holistic Business Solutions

We provide a wide range of solutions to empower your business, including payment processing, software development, marketing strategies, website development, employee training, and installation services. Our aim is to help your business thrive and succeed.

3. Time-Saving Automation

We revolutionize your functional processes with our automated solutions, while boosting your marketing efforts with cutting-edge CRM tools. Our advanced POS system not only streamlines inventory management and customer tracking but also provides comprehensive sales reporting, allowing you to fully automate and optimize your business operations.

3. Transparent Fee Analysis

At Optec, we believe in providing complete transparency when it comes to your payments. We not only outline your current expenses, but also give you a clear picture of what you can expect in the future. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and understanding of the costs involved, so you can make well-informed decisions for the success of your business.

4. Custom Payment Processing

Our team specializes in creating personalized payment processing solutions that are designed specifically for your business. We take the time to understand your unique needs and requirements, ensuring that we deliver a program that fits your business perfectly. We leave no stone unturned in our search for the ideal solution that will help your business thrive and succeed.

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Industries Served

1. Retail


We cater to all retail businesses including high risk, convenience stores, large retail outlets, independent grocers, fast-food restaurants, and liquor stores, offering tailored solutions to meet your unique needs.

2. Restaurant


We serve restaurants of all sizes, from multi-location establishments needing integrated payment processing across all sites, to small mom-and-pop food trucks looking for streamlined solutions.

3. Ecommerce


Unlock the Future of Payments with Optec. No more chargebacks, holding of funds or issues scaling up your business with huge companies that see you as a number.

4. Software Integration

Software Integration

We provide custom API solutions designed to integrate seamlessly with any SaaS company, offering faster, more secure functionality without the extra fees.

5. Petrol


We equip gas stations with the latest touch-free payment technology, supporting both dual pricing and interchange models. Plus, we offer seamless integration with most gas tech companies to meet your specific needs.

6. B2B Payments with invoicing

Business to Business

We simplify B2B payments with integrated automated invoicing solutions, designed to streamline transactions while offering transparency, speed and competitive rates.


About Us

Our Mission

At Optec Payments, we simplify business growth by offering transparent merchant services. We empower all business enterprises to compete with the giants of commerce through efficient payment processing.

Our Philosophy

Transparency, Empowerment, Innovation. At Optec Payments, we believe that clarity in payment processing transactions is not a luxury but a right. We commit to empowering our clients by offering simple but effective merchant services solutions that not only streamline their operations but also make them more competitive. We continually innovate to level the playing field, making it possible for small and medium enterprises to challenge industry giants. In every service we provide and in every interaction we have, we strive to turn these core beliefs into daily practices.

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