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What Does Optec Payment Solutions
Do For Your Business

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Optec Was Built With Vision

At Optec Payments

we take immense pride in our unwavering commitment to innovation, our continuous journey towards excellence, and our established history of delivering tangible results for our clients, and we warmly invite you to delve into the comprehensive solutions we provide, discovering firsthand how we can partner with your business to craft unparalleled payment experiences that stand out in today's competitive market.

Why Optec's Solutions?

Our payment solutions go beyond mere transactions; they embody our vision for streamlined, efficient, secure, and effortlessly user-friendly payment experiences. Crafted with a blend of comprehensive features, fortified by the latest in security technology, and designed for seamless integration into your existing business framework, our solutions empower your operations across the board.

Whether your focus is on smoothing out in-store purchases, streamlining online sales, simplifying mobile payments, or refining B2B transactions, we offer a bespoke suite of solutions precisely tailored to align with your unique requirements.


POS Integration

Optec Payments empowers businesses with a diverse portfolio of over 15 cutting-edge POS systems, each designed to revolutionize how transactions are processed. Our suite of solutions seamlessly integrates into various business models, delivering a superior omni-channel payment experience across credit and debit card transactions. Tailored to meet the dynamic needs of modern businesses, our POS systems offer efficient data tracking, recurring billing for subscription-based models, secure customer data storage for swift transactions, and comprehensive reporting tools for unparalleled financial management. With Optec Payments, you're not just getting a payment processor—you're unlocking a catalyst for growth, engineered to elevate your business with the latest in POS technology.

Virtual Terminal

Mobile Payments

Our mobile payment solutions cater to the increasing demand for convenience and on-the-go services. Businesses without a fixed location, like food trucks or market vendors, can seamlessly accept card payments from customers directly from their mobile device. This ecosystem includes features such as digital receipts, real-time transaction tracking, and secure encryption for every transaction. Additionally, it facilitates a convenient and cash-free payment experience for customers, thus enhancing customer satisfaction.

Mobile Payments

Business Neo Banking

Optec Payments introduces its innovative business neo banking solution, designed to redefine financial management for forward-thinking businesses. With a standout offering of 1% cash back on all spending, coupled with a competitive 2% APR, our neo banking platform is tailored to amplify your financial gains effortlessly. Moreover, we’re elevating the banking experience right from the start with an upfront bonus of 1% on deposits up to $100,000, maximizing your returns from the get-go.

Our neo banking service is more than just a bank account; it's a strategic partner that rewards your business operations and savings. Whether you're handling daily expenses or managing substantial deposits, our platform ensures your money works as hard as you do, offering tangible benefits that directly impact your bottom line. Embrace the future of business banking with Optec Payments, where every transaction and saving decision propels your business forward with unmatched financial rewards.

Plugin for QuickBooks

High Tech Terminals

Our advanced terminals provide an extra layer of security to minimize the risk of in-store fraudulent transactions. Equipped with state-of-the-art dashboards for easy data review, these terminals also feature a user-friendly interface for quick and efficient transaction processing. Reduce checkout time and improve customer satisfaction. Available in both Interchange and Dual pricing options.

PIN-Enabled Terminals

Integrated & Gateway

Streamline your digital payments with Optec Payments' cutting-edge payment gateway, engineered for seamless compatibility with leading e-commerce platforms. Our solution is anchored by an easy-to-use API and mobile SDK, simplifying the integration process and enabling a hassle-free setup. Tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, our customizable platform is designed to enhance your transaction capabilities effortlessly.

Security is paramount, which is why we rigorously adhere to PCI compliance standards, incorporating top-tier security measures such as data encryption and tokenization to protect your transactions. Moreover, our gateway supports an extensive array of payment methods, offering unparalleled convenience and bolstering the security for your customers' purchases.

With Optec Payments, adopting a payment gateway means not just facilitating transactions but doing so with an emphasis on ease of use, customization, and robust security, ensuring an optimal shopping experience for your customers.

Gateway Products

Starting with us is Easy and Effortless

Getting started with us is a breeze! Simply complete our online form or give us a call, and our team of seasoned experts will reach out to you to discuss your specific needs and guide you towards the perfect solutions. Our commitment is to provide you with personalized service and help you select the ideal option that aligns seamlessly with your business model.

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"Optec Payments has helped us save money on processing fees, boosting our margin by 10% while providing excellent support."

James Miller

CEO, The Birch on Elm

"Optec payments has been great for my business. Everything has run extremely smoothly and whenever I have a question I get an immediate response. The service has been outstanding."

Michael Garczynski

Founder, MG Sports

"Optec Payments has truly exceeded expectations with their fast and secure payment processing solutions, perfectly suited for big business decisions. The seamless transactions and robust security measures have been instrumental in enhancing our business operations. Their customer service is top-notch, always responsive and helpful. I highly recommend Optec Payments for any business looking for reliable payment processing."

Baha Al Badry

COO, TKB Security

"PKM General Contracting has benefitted from the tech and seamless integration optec payments has provided. I would Recommend Optec to my fellow contractors to try it for their payment processing solution."

Patrick Mayombo

Founder, PKM General Contracting

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