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Partner Program

Partner Program

Why Optec Payments?

Discover Optec Payments

Discover the freedom of partnering with Optec Payments through our AGENT FIRST initiative. Our commitment is to empower you without restrictions – no non-solicit, no non-compete clauses. Forget about quotas or minimums; our focus is on supporting and enhancing your role as an agent. We're dedicated to serving you.

Grow Without Limits

Optec Payments is here to help your payments brand grow. From compelling offers and lead magnets to innovative strategies for attracting new clients, we're ready to propel you forward. But our partnership extends beyond profit sharing—it's a commitment to mutual growth and success. Benefit from our comprehensive training programs, continuous support, invaluable marketing resources, and early access to groundbreaking features. Plus, we celebrate exceptional performance with bonuses and recognition, strengthening our network while ensuring we both thrive.

At Optec, partnerships are more than just transactions; they're collaborations that bring unique insights and value to the table. Our commitment goes beyond delivering world-class payment solutions—we aim to help our partners excel in their own industries. Join us for a transformative experience marked by innovation, collaboration, and shared successes.

Benefits of Partnership


Multiple Revenue Streams

Join us for a rewarding partnership that goes beyond world-class payment solutions. Benefit from our robust commission structure for referrals, including Neo banking, to diversify your revenue streams.


Technical Support

Our expert team is committed to providing you with thorough training and ongoing support. We ensure you're well-versed in your equipment's functionalities and stand ready to resolve any issues promptly.


Marketing and Sales Assistance

We provide you with all the marketing content you need to succeed in the field, crafting both the visuals and the verbiage to ensure your message resonates effectively with your target audience.


Access to New Features

Partners often get early or exclusive access to new features and products, ensuring you're always offering your customers the latest and best solutions.


Dedicated Account Manager

To foster our partners' growth, we assign a dedicated account manager who assists in promoting our services, addresses any issues, and works to ensure a successful partnership.


Performance Rewards

Outstanding partners have an opportunity to receive performance bonuses and recognition for their contribution to our mutual growth.

Partnership Program Tiers

The Optec partnership program is designed to benefit a wide range of businesses. We offer three tiers of partnership, each with its own unique features and benefits:

Affiliate Tier

This tier is ideal for businesses looking to simply refer clients to our platform. With minimal integration required, all you need to provide is a name, merchant statement, and email address to get started.

Reseller Tier

This level is best suited for businesses that want to recommend payment solutions, and also take an active role in customer relations. As resellers, you'll have a deeper understanding of our services and may offer additional services such as setup or consultation to enhance the overall customer experience.

Strategic Alliance Tier

This highest level of partnership is for businesses that wish to deeply integrate our solutions into their offerings. It involves a higher level of commitment and collaboration but also comes with the highest potential for revenue sharing and the deepest level of support from our team.

All these tiers support and serve different business models, and there's flexibility to move between tiers as your business grows and evolves. We're committed to making our partnerships mutually beneficial and fitting for our partners' unique offerings.


Who can join the partnership program?

Our partnership program is open to businesses in various industries that believe our services can add value to their customers. We are also open to agents coming into the industry.  Please note that we do review each application carefully to ensure a good fit.

What are the benefits of joining the program?

As a partner, you'll enjoy a range of benefits designed to give you a competitive edge, such as commissions on referrals, dedicated marketing support, exclusive access to new features, priority customer service, and the latest technology to keep you ahead of the curve.

How do I join the partnership program?

Simply fill out the application form on our website, email, call, or go to OptecPay on Instagram. One of our representatives will reach out to you for further discussion and verification.

Is there a cost to join the partnership program?

No, joining our partnership program is absolutely free. However, different partnership tiers might have various commitment levels.

What are the expectations after joining the program?

We expect our partners to promote our services in an ethical, professional, and consistent manner. All partners must agree to comply with our partnership terms and conditions. We also expect partners submit a deal every 30 days to continue getting free education and support. 

Can a partner work with other payment solution providers?

Yes, we don't restrict our partners from collaborating with other providers. However, we hope that with all the benefits that our platform provides, we will be your preferred choice.

How are partners paid for referrals?

Partners are paid through a commission system. The more customers you refer who take on our services, the more commission you earn. 

How long does it take to process a partnership application?

It depends, but we aim to process all applications within a week of receiving them.

I made a referral, when should I expect my commission?

Commission on referrals is usually paid out monthly, but the exact timing can depend on the specific terms of our partnership agreement.

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